IT Projects Design and Management

Overall Solution for Professional IT Intelligent Projects

To provide the whole cycle of IT project process solutions, involving Project Drawings and Scheme Design, Project Construction Planning, Project Procurement, Project Implementation Progress Control, Project Acceptance and other business.


The project has high engineering technical requirements. According to the construction period and construction volume, a project department is established to be responsible for the organization and management of engineering technology, construction, and commissioning. According to the total construction period, during the specific construction, our company will invest the number of construction personnel and construction tools in the project in stages according to the needs, and make corresponding adjustments according to the requirements of the construction site.


The project department implements the project manager responsibility system. Based on the project management experience accumulated over the years, our company will establish a project management mechanism with the project manager responsibility system as the core, project contract management and cost management as the main content, and scientific system management and advanced technology as the means. In terms of project construction organization, appoint high-quality, capable and excellent management personnel with the same type of project construction management experience to participate in project management.


The project management department is equipped with engineering technicians, construction personnel, quality inspectors, materialmen, safety personnel, budgeters, etc. to perform the functions of project management, implement the requirements of the owner and supervisor, and fully cooperate with the work of supervisory units, design units and civil construction units. It also establishes a perfect quality assurance system, forms a scientific management system, and realizes the project management objectives and promises to the owner and the supervisor with high quality and efficiency.