Smart Classroom

Smart Classroom enriches Interactive Classroom Teaching Experience

Interactive teaching system is a set of video, audio and data communication in one, support for rich multimedia teaching and courseware production and management, can achieve interactive, live, on-demand and other teaching modes, is a set of specialized educational authorities, schools, training institutions and enterprises to launch an interactive e-learning platform system for learning management, knowledge management.

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With the large-scale popularization of digital campus construction and the demand for efficient information management methods, the audio and video frontline smart campus system is a highly integrated system that integrates audio, video, transmission and control, and normal recording and broadcasting. The audio and video encoding and decoding capabilities meet the actual needs of the majority of schools for audio and video broadcasting, online live broadcasting, interactive classrooms, classroom recording and broadcasting, intelligent control, etc. It can be done in one machine. Each classroom is a recording and broadcasting classroom, which is the first choice for the construction of a smart campus. 


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The interactive teaching platform provides users with remote real-time interactive teaching, synchronized teaching in different places, remote academic exchanges, remote tutoring, online parent meetings, public teaching observations, course Q&A, etc., with powerful and complete application functions and stable and excellent system performance.  Multiple application modes to achieve immersive, intuitive and real on-site effects.