Intelligent Meeting Room Solution 


New technology and multi-scenario integration accelerate the new development of smart meeting rooms

The smart meeting room is based on intelligent technology and intelligent equipment as the carrier. It virtualizes the traditional meeting scene. Various information technology is integrated into all links of the meeting and runs through the whole process of the meeting, so as to realize the intelligent and convenient new meeting room scene of the enterprise. And a modern smart meeting room can not only carry the application of "meeting + collaboration", but also meet the dual needs of "local + remote". To intelligently upgrade your meeting room, choose the YYST smart meeting room solution!


A full-featured intelligent conference room usually needs to be equipped with audio (including sound pickup, sound playback, signal processing, recording and other subsystems), video, multimedia, centralized control, communication, computer network and lighting and other subsystems. In fact, it is an application requirement of "Systems Integration" (Systems Integration--SI)-how to physically, logically and functionally connect subsystems with different functions to achieve information integration and resource sharing. The system can fully meet the various functions required by the user and meet the relevant national (or industry) indicators (normative), and have advanced, forward-looking, expandable and high performance-price ratio.


Intelligent navigation of the office area and one-click booking of meeting rooms. One key to control curtain, curtain, projector, etc. by mobile phone or iPad. Create intelligent meeting rooms. Help to improve the overall image of the company; automatic adjustment of lights, fogging glass mode, curtains, projectors, hangers, curtains, air conditioning lights during the meeting, without the need for office personnel to operate. The meeting opens the video automatically counts the number of participants and make meeting records. When the meeting is over, indoor equipment is automatically shut down without manual operation, creating a top meeting effect. The whole scene is intelligently linked, easy to manage with one key, which helps enterprises to plan office resources rationally, save office costs, and enhance the office experience of employees.

Space Navigation System


Find the right space quickly and clearly

l   Intelligent control of perception system to judge space status

l   Real-time presentation of conference topics

l   Intelligently release space to avoid long-time invalid occupation

l   Customizable UI interface to achieve personalized presentation

l   Space utilization rate data reporting management platform


Clear Room Schedule Management

Convenient Query: Provide interactive query such as floor navigation and conference information for the convenience of participants

Conference Guidance: conference guidance information release

Conference Reservation: conference reservation management

Enhance the Experience: Provide entertainment and leisure such as live TV, news and information to enhance the experience

Quick Promotion: Publish announcements, publicize knowledge, emergency notices and other information, quickly promote and spread


Conference Room, Lecture Hall  


Install Equipment


²  Smart touch screen or smart panel

²  Voice module

Realize Function

²  Scene control: conference scene, lecture scene, rest scene, screening scene, etc.

²  Dimming control

²  Projection equipment control

²  Air conditioning temperature control

²  PM2.5 air quality management

²  Linkage control of conference room video and video system

²  Voice control

²  Linkage with conference system