Intelligent Reception Room Solution 

AI+IOT concept intelligent VIP reception room enjoying comfortable Space

Visitors can experience futuristic comfort in the smart reception room. In the reception room, through the combination of the host and multiple sensors provided by YYST, the reception room has its own AI. The entire reception room does not need to be controlled. "It will perceive the customer's entry, and combine the lighting and background music with the scene to make visitors feel pleasantly surprised and intimate.


When someone enters the reception room, the light will automatically adjust to a comfortable brightness, and the fogged glass will automatically turn on, bringing visitors a high degree of privacy. In addition, when the visitor sits in front of the TV, it will not be monotonous, the TV will automatically turn on and play the company's promotional video enhances visitors' goodwill towards the company and brings visitors a truly intimate and different experience. In addition, the background music system will also play different music suitable for the scene according to the different time periods when it enters the room, so that guests can stay in it and can rest, adjust and relax comfortably. When it leaves, the device enters the off mode, the brightness of the light dims, and it waits for the arrival of the next wave of guests to achieve energy-saving effects.


In addition, the reception room managers can also use the app to control the entire reception room lighting at any time and from anywhere, making it easy to turn off all electrical equipment at the touch of a button when the reception room is unoccupied. The intelligent background music system creates a good reception atmosphere for the VIP reception room. Likewise, when the reception room is unoccupied, the leave mode will automatically turn off the equipment, which is energy-saving and hassle-free.


YYST provides intelligent solutions for VIP reception rooms of different enterprises, bringing users a high-end feeling all the time, allowing them to experience a futuristic and comfortable space.