Intelligent Control Solution 

Multi-system centralized control management, worry-free, safer and more convenient

Intelligent control system refers to the sound, light, electricity and other equipment for centralized management and control of equipment. It is widely used in multimedia classrooms, multi-functional meeting rooms, command and control centers, intelligent homes, etc. Users can use push-button control panels, computer monitors, touchscreens and wireless remote control devices to control projectors, displays, cameras, amplifiers, microphones, computers, laptops, screen monitors, electric motors and other equipment by sending TCP/IP, serial port commands through the computer and smart control system software. Window shades, lighting and other devices. Smart control is widely used in both home smart and commercial smart scenarios.


  Home Smart Control Solutions 

As the home area increases, and people need more space for activities, our comprehensive centralized and convenient management of various home appliances, air-conditioning and fresh air systems, curtain access control, and home network environment has brought us the requirements for a comfortable environment. Greater challenge.

YYST smart home solutions through an APP integration and control of all devices in the house to achieve one touch to control the whole house quickly and easily.





Commercial Intelligence Control Solutions


Commercial space has more electrical equipment than home space, which needs to be combined with many other sub-systems, and there are also not feasible demands. YYST's product selection, program design, installation and commissioning are all in accordance with industrial-grade standards, making the system more stable and more reliable. Selected mainstream central control system brand Crestron to provide more personalized overall intelligent solutions for business customers.