Smart Lighting Solution

Smart light control shows the charm of light and shadow

By setting different scene modes, you can turn off the lights in all spaces at the touch of a button, and set the settings to reserve 10% brightness in some spaces, turn off the TV, and automatically lower the temperature with the thermostat.


Intelligent light control systems are classified as stand-alone, room-specific or large networked systems in which the dimming equipment is installed in an electrical cabinet and operated by a network of external devices such as sensors and control panels. The advantage of a networked system is that different room zones can be controlled from many points. In the occupied space, a control panel can be installed on the wall near the main entrance as the main control point for multiple outside rooms.


Smart light control systems are automated and do not require manual operation, so in practice, people do not need to pay attention to their switches. The light control system can use induction or infrared and other technologies to achieve human sensitized operation. This not only allows the lights to serve people at any time, but also saves energy to a certain extent and is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Intelligent lighting is widely used in Smart Office Space, Smart Buildings, Smart Parks and Smart Home and other aspects.