IT Asset Management & Recovery

Rationalization of IT Resource Management and Equipment Recycling for optimal disposal of renewable resources

IT Asset Management

As IT infrastructures become more complex, companies face challenges in tracking, managing software and investing in hardware infrastructure. YYST's IT Asset Management solution manages the physical location of rooms, server rooms, cabinets, etc. where corporate IT assets are located, and manages the maintenance, loaning, professional removal of equipment data, and power on and off processes of  devices for the assets, thus providing a better understanding of corporate IT assets. Conduct regular inventories and manage them effectively.

IT Asset Recovery

In most cases, when customers update part or all of the IT infrastructure, the replaced equipment still has a certain residual value in the second-hand market.Since YYST is one of many well-known network equipment and major IT hardware distributors, and it purchases and sells resources worldwide, we can help your customers recover their residual value, buy back from them or consign them to sell again. Maximize IT asset management and recovery operations for clients in a variety of industries.