SHENZHEN UpperHills Loft Co-working WorkSpace Client Introduction

Client Introduction

Shenzhen Shenye Shangcheng is located near Huanggang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Its office space is located in the heart of Futian District-the interior of the complex of Shenye Shangcheng. Surrounded by many bus and subway lines, commuting is very convenient. In addition, as a landmark complex in the north of Shenzhen CBD, it integrates multiple functions such as catering, shopping, and apartments. Among them, high-quality leisure places such as MUJI Hotel, Starbucks Zhenxuan, and Nike Experience Store are also integrated into it. In addition to work, it is more convenient for people in the workplace. The interior design of this space seems to be an indoor park, which integrates the design concepts of various Chinese elements such as kites, and also inspires a richer inspiration space for users.
SHENZHEN UpperHills Loft Co-working WorkSpace Client Introduction


The solution of the project involves weak current integrated wiring technology, Intelligent Security System, IT Network Infrastructure Construction, Multimedia Conference Room Construction and VPN general headquarters interconnection system.

Customer-focused Application Needs

Clients need an intelligent paperless conference room solution. The background music in the office and leisure areas is fully covered 24 hours and the volume and music type can be controlled at any time as needed. At the same time, all employees and visitors can use their own permissions to enter and exit the space they can work within according to their needs at any time, which can completely liberate the reception and safely and efficiently enjoy the intelligent and efficient office experience.

Project Implementation and Key Account Experience

This project will provide Party A with an overall solution to the essential changes in working methods through the comprehensive design of intelligence, technology, humanization and better atmosphere of workplace. We all know that flexible office spaces and creative office models are all suitable for modern and efficient offices is crucial. And science and technology such as virtual reality and intelligent services will also be widely infiltrated into home office premises to improve the office efficiency of major enterprises. And green environmental protection and intelligent technology will also become the mainstream of the design of information technology office spaces in the future.
SHENZHEN UpperHills Loft Co-working WorkSpace Client Introduction
Smart office can provide a comfortable and convenient working environment for enterprises, effectively improve the work efficiency of employees, and is conducive to energy conservation, environmental protection and cost savings. At the same time, it can also enhance the company's image and display its strength in an all-round way.

The intelligent conference system solution perfectly realizes the seamless connection between the digital conference system and the central control system. Equipped with the remote conference software APP, the management can communicate and deploy paperless conferences through the mobile client and PC at any time and anywhere.

The background music system can provide background music for the entire office. The multi-channel digital broadcast host can automatically turn on and off, automatically identify the time and date after each day of startup, and then each channel calls the playlist of the day to automatically play to achieve the arrangement of each channel after the periodic play schedule is completed, it can be played in a loop, eliminating the need to set up immediately and freeing up labor costs.

SHENZHEN UpperHills Loft Co-working WorkSpace Client Introduction
Intelligent access control system is an integrated automatic identification technology, which is widely used in the management of specific personnel in enterprise systems. It can realize functions such as call, intercom, visual, unlock, attendance management, and entry and exit record recognition. It can automatically identify the visiting people for classification and record, and automatically store the data to the management background to achieve intelligent management functions such as record query, attendance management, anti-intrusion, and duress alarm. Such a convenient, practical and safe and intelligent security monitoring system includes camera monitoring, remote monitoring, and 360-degree security monitoring in the office environment. Through computer, mobile device (mobile phone, ipad) and other display terminals, you can view video surveillance in real time anytime, anywhere, control the situation of the office, support SD card, network hard disk recorder and other storage methods, according to personalized needs, you can choose manual recording, scheduled recording, mobile Video recording solutions such as detection recording and alarm linkage recording can save video records cyclically, which is very convenient for the company's future management work.
SHENZHEN UpperHills Loft Co-working WorkSpace Client Introduction
In addition, the security detector sensing function can realize intelligent intrusion alarm notification. In the case of arming, the dynamic detector monitors office changes in real time, infrared captures intruders or door and door monitoring status of doors and windows, finds suspicious characters, and promptly pushes alarm information to mobile phones. On the basis of security monitoring and detection, it cooperates with surveillance cameras to capture suspicious photos and videos, and realizes intelligent linkage and automatic work. No matter whether it is usual or holidays, whether someone is in the company can ensure safety.

SHENZHEN UpperHills Loft Co-working WorkSpace Client Introduction
We also customize the professional intelligent access control system, the construction of audio and video systems and projection equipment, and the sharing of screen sharing in the conference room according to the special entry and exit scenarios to maximize the space requirements of the enterprise and provide intelligent and efficient, warmness office services to the tenants, to achieve mobile management of various scenes in various office areas, conference rooms, printed areas, leisure and entertainment areas.