SHANGHAI NIKE SHANGPU Smart Conference Room Reservation System Solution

Client Introduction

The project serves NIKE Shanghai headquarters, located in Building 3, Shangpu Center, No. 99, Xinjiang Bay City Road, with a total construction area of 900,000 square meters, including 160,000 square meters of residential and more than 740,000 square meters of commercial development District-Shangpu Center, which includes LEED Gold Award Grade A office buildings, large shopping malls, retail businesses, hotels and entertainment facilities.
SHANGHAI NIKE SHANGPU Smart Conference Room Reservation System Solution


The solution of the project involves ELV Generic Cabling System, Intelligent Security System, Wi-Fi Coverage System, Intelligent Conference Room Reservation System, BGM System and Cross-border VPN Setup, etc.

Customer-focused Application Needs

With the development of science and technology, the application of intelligence and human culture technology is becoming more and more popular. In design, the intelligent design not only improves work efficiency, but also reflects an important aspect of the humanity of contemporary design.
In the NIKE The Springs Center project, in accordance with the principles of security, functionality, information and applicability, the person in charge of the project carefully designed the construction plan before construction, which had applied the latest technology, and  focused on the conference room's area problem into in-depth consideration. After comprehensive and unified consideration, our project designers integrated intelligent equipment and systems into this project design, which fully reflected the characteristics of intelligence and human culture.

Project Implementation and Key Account Experience

Considering that customers have previously used paper approval forms to use and reserve meeting rooms, there is great trouble in meeting room management. Therefore, the designer recommends that the intelligent meeting room system be used to solve the existing problems.
The intelligent conference room reservation system can realize docking with the mailbox system, OA office system, and SMS notification system. After docking with the OA system first, users can use the OA system for interactive authentication and login, simplifying the operation of the internal system of the enterprise and making the office more flexible. Secondly, the meeting approval function is supported. When the appointment personnel reserve the meeting room to submit for review, the person with review authority can view, cancel, and pass the review of unapproved appointment items. All information must be reviewed before being released. Finally, the system also has a user management function, which can add and delete user information, set the user's affiliated department, specify the authority group and other operation.
SHANGHAI NIKE SHANGPU Smart Conference Room Reservation System Solution