Shanghai Lancun Building Multifunctional Conference Room Audio& Video Solution- Hands Free Microphon

Client Introduction

Shanghai Lancun Building is located at Dongfang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, with a total construction area of 34,122 square meters.
Shanghai Lancun Building Multifunctional Conference Room Audio& Video Solution- Hands Free Microphon

The solution of the project involves IT & ELV Generic Cabling Technology, Intelligent security system, Wi-Fi Full Coverage Technology, Multimedia Conference Room Construction, BGM System and Cross-border VPN Setup, etc.

Customer-focused Application Needs

The client hopes to build a modern, intelligent, and efficient office space, and emphasizes that we can design a multi-functional meeting room to meet the different types of conferences such as Video Conferences, Product Presentation and Departmental Meetings.

Project Implementation and Key Account Experience

After understanding the client's requirement, combined with our company's many years of construction experience, the overall construction contents of the conference room are including Speaking System, Sound Rinforcement System, Recording and Broadcasting System, Video Conference System, Display system and Central Control System. And according to the on-site space environment, feedback suppressor and equalizer are added to eliminate noise, and the audio effect during the conference is ensured to the greatest extent. The speaking system uses hand-in-hand microphones. It is not only a single device, but also relies on the end-to-end series connection method used by the hand-in-hand conference system. That is, after the first microphone is connected to the conference host, leading out a wire from the first microphones and then connected with the second one, after that then lead out a wire again for second microphone and connect to the third one, which will be connected in series and will has strong extensibility then will be very suitable for large-scale multi-person conferences. The camera of the recording and broadcasting system is equipped with automatic tracking technology, which can capture the voice of the participants, record it simultaneously with the video and play it on the display system in real time, and can also adjust the video display of the speaker and the entire meeting in advance. The sound reinforcement system evenly covers the entire conference room through multi-point sound reinforcement, which can clearly spread the speaker's voice to every corner of the conference room. Even if most of the multi-functional conference systems using more technical functions, the operation will be cumbersome. The central control system can also integrate these complex operations together, making the full name operation simple and convenient. It is very suitable for the client's individual needs for the direction of the conference room.